Tokamak Energy has had some excellent press coverage, including these major pieces:


Private fusion machines aim to beat massive global effort

Science Magazine (April 2017)

Switch flipped on UK’s newest tokamak fusion reactor

The Engineer (April 2017)

Tokamak Energy wants to put fusion power on the grid by 2030 – and now it’s one step closer

City A.M. (April 2017)

Tokamak Energy achieves first plasma

Physics World (April 2017)

Time to engineer fusion energy

Eureka Magazine – front page feature (February 2017)

Could we have LIMITLESS energy in 13 years? Doughnut-shaped device to ‘put fusion power into the grid’ by 2030

Mail Online (February 2017)
This piece includes our video Inside ST40 which also featured as a stand-alone piece in their video section.

The end of the energy crisis? Fusion reactor ‘could be working by 2025’

Metro (January 2017)

This is what we need to do to get fusion energy on the grid by 2030

International Business Times (January 2017)

Limitless Fusion Energy Is Just 13 Years Away, According To Tokamak Energy

Huffington Post (January 2017)

Spherical tokamak ‘to put fusion power in grid’ by 2030

World Nuclear News (January 2017)

This story was also picked up by Next Big Future and the Oxfordshire press, such as The Oxford Times and the Whitney Gazette.

Major investors back UK fusion energy innovation with £10M boost (January 2017)

£10m boost for fusion reactor developer

Institution of Mechanical Engineers (December 2016)

How do you create energy from magnets and plasma hotter than the centre of the Sun?

International Business Times (August 2016)

Fusion analysis suggests promise for smaller, cheaper reactors

The Engineer (April 2016)

Nuclear fusion contributes £84m to UK economy, says report

Power-Technology (April 2016)

Leading physicist says first fusion power plants could be built in Oxfordshire

The Oxford Mail (April 2016) and other Oxfordshire press.
Tokamak Energy on Oxford Mail cover

An Independent Endeavour

Physics World Focus on Nuclear Energy (April 2016)

Nuclear fusion needs a ‘Wright brothers’ moment, says firm closing on the target

The Guardian (March 2016)

UK to be FIRST country to roll out nuclear fusion power plants, say experts

The Express (February 2016)

Fusion power getting closer, say UK scientists

Reuters (December 2015) includes video coverage.

Tokamak Energy reveals plans to reach 100 million degrees with unique reactor design

Enterprising Energy (December 2015) Page 9

Tokamak Energy: big ideas in a small vessel

Power-Technology (November 2015)

‘Renegade’ UK physicists say they’re on fast track to nuclear fusion

Climate Home (September 2015)

Innovation, Collaboration, Funding Needed to Make Fusion a Reality Within a Decade

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (September 2015)

A fusion force for good

The Energyst  (August/September 2015) Page 10

UK nuclear fusion energy firm Tokamak joins global giants Google, Dropbox and Mozilla as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award winner

Scottish Energy News (August 2015)

An Alternative Approach to Nuclear Fusion: Think Smaller

Motherboard (2 July 2015)

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is a giddy glimpse of the future

Ars Technica UK (1 July 2015)

Green technology: Positive energy

Financial Times  (26 June 2015) requires subscription

The new shape of fusion

Science Magazine (May 2015)
Also see the associated YouTube video A smaller, faster, cheaper route to fusion energy

Minister’s impressed with future of enterprise zone

The Oxford Times and The Oxford Mail (November 2014)

Tokamak has the power to give nuclear a clean future

The Express (May 2011)

Industrial applications could boost fusion energy research

The Engineer (April 2011)
This featured as the cover story for the magazine under the headline Path to power: Medical and waste applications could drive the development of nuclear fusion as an energy source.
The Engineer cover shot

Super compact fusion reactor secures funding

The Engineer (February 2011)

UK research company awarded £170,000 for nuclear fusion technology

Eureka Magazine (February 2011)

Tokamak Solutions secures funding to develop powerful neutron source

Science Business (February 2011)

Energy researcher Tokamak adds £170,000

Growth Business (February 2011)

Hydrogen technology company Tokamak Solutions gains investor backing

New Energy World Network (February 2011)

A new use for those ‘unwanted’ neutrons

Financial Times (February 2011)

Fusion power ‘within reach’

BBC News (October 2001) An article from the BBC archives featuring Tokamak Energy founder Alan Sykes.