The Tokamak Energy team consists of world-leading fusion scientists from Culham Laboratory and an experienced CEO with a physics research background and twenty years of high-tech startup business experience.

Group Team Photo

Dr David Kingham
Chief Executive

  • PhD Theoretical Physics
  • Ex-MD Oxford Innovation
  • VG Instruments

Dr Mikhail Gryaznevich
Chief Scientist

  • PhD Fusion Physics
  • World-leading expert in small tokamaks

Paul Noonan
R & D Director

  • Ex Technical Architect – Agilent Technologies
  • Ex Chief Engineer – Oxford Instruments
  • 30 years’ experience in superconducting and cryogenic technology

Dr Ross Morgan
Senior Commercial & IP Manager

  • IP/Commercial Manager – CompactGTL
  • General Manager – Accentus, AEA Technology
  • 20 years experience in the development and commercialisation of intellectual property and new technology

Tokamak Energy has an eminent Scientific and Environmental Advisory Board chaired by Lord Julian Hunt FRS. Members include Professor Jack Connor FRS (one of the most influential theoretical plasma physicists in the international fusion programme), Professor George Smith FRS (emeritus professor of materials at the University of Oxford) and Bill Lee FREng (Director of the Centre for Nuclear Engineering and professor of ceramic engineering at Imperial College London) and Dr Colin Windsor FRS.

Tokamak Energy has a tokamak engineering facility at Milton Park and offices at Culham Innovation Centre, both near Oxford, UK.

Our expanding team of staff, consultants, advisors and partners


  • Gideon Hammond
  • Steve Daughtrey
  • Jenny Gillies
  • Dr Peter Buxton
  • Dr Bill Huang
  • Dr Vladimir Shevchenko
  • Dr Otto Asunta
  • Lucy Scott
  • Robert Slade
  • Dr Greg Brittles
  • Adrian McFarland
  • Simon Handley
  • Adrian Rengle
  • Graham Dunbar
  • Dr Slava Kachkanov
  • Rachel Wall
  • Ed Pinkney
  • Sue Hadley
  • Tony Langtry
  • Kevin Webb
  • Dr Steven McNamara
  • Enrique Ruiz de Villa Valdés
  • Helena Hermsen
  • Ricardo Sousa
  • Ronald Newell
  • Linda Dudley
  • Mark Russell
  • Marcin Stankiewicz
  • Adam Horozaniecki
  • Chris Buckley


  • Dr Melanie Windridge, author of Star Chambers: the race for Fusion Power
  • Dr Valery Chuyanov, ex Deputy Director General of ITER
  • Dr Alan Costley, ex Head of Diagnostics at ITER
  • Professor Dennis Whyte, Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT
  • Alan Sykes, Pioneer of Spherical Tokamaks
  • Dr Paul Thomas, ex Director of the Control, Heating and Diagnostics at ITER and editor of Nuclear Fusion
  • Dr Joe Minervini, MIT
  • Professor Jan Hugill
  • Neil Sykes
  • Dr Mark Nightingale
  • Dr Sergei Medvedev
  • Dr Albert Nikolai
  • Dr Alexeii Dnestrovski
  • Dr Guy Morgan
  • Dr Thomas A Caspar
  • Dr Simon Woodruff, CEO of Woodruff Scientific
  • Glenn Whitfield
  • Mark Harman
  • Mick Mason
  • Dr Jo Lister
  • Dr Paddy Carolan
  • Dr Christian Bradley
  • Dr Peter Hungerford

Magnet Advisory Panel

  • Dr Martin Wilson
  • Dr Elwyn Baynham
  • Dr Charles Monroe

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Lord (Julian) Hunt, FRS
  • Professor George Smith, FRS
  • Professor Jack Connor, FRS
  • Professor Bill Lee, FREng
  • Dr Colin Windsor, FRS


  • Oxford Instruments plc
  • Imperial College London
  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • The University of York
  • Micronanics Ltd
  • Woodruff Scientific Inc.
  • Culham Electromagnetics Ltd
  • Isis Instruments Ltd


Consultants and Advisory Board CV’s