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Our approach

We are developing the fusion power plant of tomorrow, while commercialising the tech applications today

We have two world leading technologies which are central to the economic development of fusion. Our compact spherical tokamak is the most advanced of its kind in the world. We are a global leader in HTS magnets which also have high-tech applications in other industrial sectors.

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We combine world leading scientific, engineering, industrial and commercial capabilities

We also drive progress through our partnerships, including with the US Department of Energy, Princeton and Culham Laboratory here in the UK. Fusion is a key enabler for meeting international climate policy goals and NetZero. The positive global implications are huge, as is the market opportunity. We are focused on pioneering commercial fusion energy, which is clean, economic and globally deployable.

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In the press

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UKAEA welcomes new funding for Tokamak Energy
Tokamak Energy raises £67m to make Oxford nuclear fusion hub
Two British companies confident of nuclear fusion breakthrough
Tokamak Energy featured in Bloomberg’s Moonshot Series
The Times: Didcot was hottest place in solar system
Tokamak Energy featured in BBC Click

What is fusion?

This is the process that powers the sun. When two atomic nuclei collide, they fuse together to form one larger nucleus. This process releases energy that may be harnessed.

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Work with us

We are well into our exciting fusion mission but we’re always on the lookout for talented people that can play a leading role in helping us to deliver our fusion solution.

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Our approach to fusion could have a significant impact on how energy is generated for generations to come. We like to tell our followers about our latest developments and successes.

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