As our scientific research advances, so does the size of the team that is working to deliver our compact spherical tokamak project.

We currently have a 40-strong team of people that are all playing a leading role in helping Tokamak Energy to realise a fusion-powered future.

From world-class fusion scientists and magnet engineers that ensure our technical development continues at an impressive pace, to the skilled business support professionals that keep our business running smoothly in the background, we have a versatile and talented team that is setting the standard in fusion research.

Tokamak Energy is a challenging and rewarding place to work – as our employee testimonials highlight – so if you think you’ve got the skills and passion to help us reach our exciting fusion targets, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Current vacancies

Careers at Tokamak Energy

We offer competitive salaries and exciting opportunities for highly motivated individuals, working with our ground-breaking technology

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Plasma Diagnostician

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Magnet Systems & Instrumentation Engineer

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PhD Research Project

Development of REBCO Coated Conductors for Spherical Tokamak Fusion Reactors

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