Tokamak Energy was established in 2009 to design and develop small spherical tokamaks to produce neutrons for a range of scientific applications. But in 2012, with the emergence of high temperature superconductor materials in a form suitable for winding into magnets, our focus and strategy changed. We embarked upon a new mission – to find a ’faster way to fusion’.

As a privately-funded company, we grew out of Culham Laboratory, the world’s leading centre for magnetic fusion energy research and the home of the best-performing tokamak ever built, JET, which produced 16MW of fusion power in 1997.

Our work focusses on developing compact spherical tokamaks to generate fusion reactions and, ultimately, produce a plentiful supply of clean, safe, secure and affordable energy.

With our team of world-class fusion scientists and magnet engineers, we are well into our mission to build a pilot plant to prove the possibility of fusion – a machine that will produce more energy than is needed to power the fusion process (otherwise known as exceeding fusion energy breakeven).

This technology will form the basis of the commercial module that we intend will deliver electricity into the grid by 2030.