We are proud to work with some of the world’s leading industrial and scientific organisations as we develop and deliver our spherical tokamak route to fusion power. We currently collaborate with the following:

Fusion Industry Association
Imperial College London
University of Oxford
University of York
University of Tokyo

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We’re delighted that the ground-breaking work of our scientists and engineers has been recognised by world-class experts, consultants and technology companies across the world. Our current endorsements include:

  • Selected by the International Energy Agency in 2017 as ‘one of three most promising innovative fusion concepts’
  • Tokamak Energy CEO, David Kingham, selected to deliver the prestigious 2016 Institution of Mechanical Engineers John Player Lecture on ‘Fusion as an Engineering Challenge’
  • Endorsed in April 2016 when the Director of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory gave evidence to US Congress pronouncing spherical tokamaks with HTS magnets as the most promising route to fusion power
  • Recognised as a Technology Pioneer 2015 by the Davos World Economic Forum
  • Our peer-reviewed article ‘The power and size of tokamak fusion pilot plants and reactors’ is the most downloaded paper from the Nuclear Fusion journal
  • Tokamak Energy selected as winner of a Future Planet Award 2018 for its work on fusion energy and climate change
  • Only fusion concept to be selected by UK Government, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for inclusion in the Advanced Modular Reactor project
  • Key contributor to the 2018 Royal Society Event “Fusion energy using tokamaks: can development be accelerated?”
  • Melanie Windridge became a co-Director of the newly-formed Fusion Industry Association in 2018, which brings fusion startups and industry supporters together to grow the emerging fusion industry.