IMechE/IET Joint Lecture: Fusion FutureEvent
24 October 2017
RAeS Boscombe Down Branch

IMechE/IET Joint Lecture: Fusion Future

Hosted by RAeS Boscombe Down Branch and Dr. Melanie Windridge – physicist, speaker, writer

Fusion energy – no greenhouse gases or long-lived radioactive waste – it’s the ultimate energy source. But why is it so elusive? Melanie explores the history of fusion, and takes a closer look at how start-up Tokamak Energy is developing new technologies to bring fusion to our future. Could their innovation be the key to cracking fusion faster?

The lecture is hosted by RAeS Boscombe Down Branch, is open to all (please see their website) and starts at 17.30, with doors opening at 17.00.
Please let Members Secretary, Peter Richards, know of your intention to attend by email or by telephone on 01980 662536.
NOTE: It is not possible to access the site without prior notification of your intention to attend – more information here:

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