Tokamak Energy wins three US grants to develop key technology for fusion energyOur news
4 September 2020

Tokamak Energy wins three US grants to develop key technology for fusion energy

Tokamak Energy, the business accelerating the development of commercial fusion power, is delighted to announce it has been awarded $580,000 from the US Department of Energy under its Innovation Network for Fusion Energy program, or INFUSE, which encourages private-public research partnerships to tackle challenges in fusion energy development.

Ten new grant awards were announced by the US Department of Energy, three of which were won by Tokamak Energy. The grants will help develop technology for plasma heating and fuelling, and will also improve the vital parameter of energy confinement time on Tokamak Energy’s ST40 spherical tokamak, a compact device that is powerful, efficient and cost-effective.

The funding gives access to unique expertise and technology and comes on top of a £10m grant from the UK Government in July this year.

Dr David Kingham, Executive Vice Chairman of Tokamak Energy, said:

“Fusion Energy is a game-changing energy source for the future and we need it as soon as possible.  These grants support our collaboration with partners in US National Laboratories. Working together we can accelerate the development of fusion technologies and bring fusion energy to the world faster.”

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To read the official US DOE press release, click here

Find out more about the INFUSE programme, click here


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About Tokamak Energy

Established in 2009, Tokamak Energy is a private company working to develop compact fusion power. Uniquely it has a working prototype device that routinely produces high temperature plasma

Fusion is the process that powers the Sun and all the stars.  Engineers and scientists at Tokamak Energy are working to replicate this process on Earth. Fusion energy from tokamaks will be clean and safe, with no emission of carbon from combustion, no risk of meltdown and no long-lived radioactive waste. Moreover, this carbon-free energy is from plentiful materials and the energy density of the fuel is several million times greater than coal or oil.

Tokamak Energy’s approach is to combine the new technology of high field strength, high temperature superconducting magnets with the efficiency advantages of the spherical tokamak, as pioneered at Culham and Princeton Laboratories. This combination of advanced technologies, with a strong focus on efficiency, has the potential to achieve impressive results. To date, Tokamak Energy has made important progress towards its target of building a fusion power demonstration device by 2025 and delivering energy to the grid for the first time by 2030. It has built a tokamak with exclusively high temperature superconducting magnets, created the highest ever magnetic field in a spherical tokamak and is working towards reaching fusion temperatures of 100 million degrees within the coming year.

The company is a spin-out from Culham Laboratory, the world-leading centre for magnetic fusion energy research. It is addressing the enormous long-term global potential of fusion research, where the UK has a distinct global lead, and is seizing the moment when private investment in fusion energy is beginning to accelerate. The company now employs over 100 people, is expanding fast and has raised over £117m to date from investors including Dr. Hans-Peter Wild, L&G Capital and David Harding, CEO of Winton.


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